Bensonhurst Real Estate

1926 64th Street, Bensonhurst, NY 11204

[Bensonhurst Real Estate, listing number 7089401]

Description: 7089401
   A fully detached, all-brick four-family house stood majestically, embodying both charm and functionality. The building`s dimensions of 21 by 78 feet and a lot size of 25 by 100 feet provided ample space for living and leisure, making it an ideal residence and investment opportunity. The house was thoughtfully divided into four apartments, each designed to cater to different living needs. It has two three-bedroom apartments, one two-bedroom apartment, and one one-bedroom apartment with a finished basement. Each of these units boasts a large living room and a stylish kitchen with modern appliances. The thoughtful layout ensures privacy and comfort, with each room benefiting from large windows that fill the space with natural light. The finished basement adds another layer of appeal to this already impressive property. With its separate entrance, the basement offers an additional bathroom. The basement also features a front door that leads to the street and a back door that opens into a beautifully maintained garden. It is within a short distance of the N line subway station and bus B8 station and is close to the shopping center on 18th Ave. It is very convenient to all!

   Families: 4
   Bedrooms: 9
   Bathrooms: 5
   Property Type: Multi-Family
   Rooms: 20
   Built: 1931

   Price: $2,200,000


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